About Smart Card System:

Radio Frequency Identifier based smart card bus pass system is a user friendly and more reliable. The smart card will have relevant information about the commuter. The Bus Passes are in form of RFID based Smart Card, which, is a plastic card resembling to Debit/Credit Cards of Banks with a built in electronic chip that stores information of validity period of the bus pass, the destinations of travel permitted on the pass, and type of pass. Conductors working inside the buses validate these bus passes with the help of ETIM. These RFID Cards are contact less cards and can be validated by Bus Conductors, Inspectors by simply holding these Smart Cards close to the ETIM. The screen on ETIM displays the validity period of the pass, the permitted origin and destinations for travel on bus pass. Passenger can register / renew these Smart Cards at any of the convenient Point Of Sale (PoS) located at various important Bus Stands in the City.

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